Letters to the editor

We welcome letters to the editor. Content, however, must relate directly to Oconomowoc and this must be clear in your letter. For example, a letter on action taken by a local government body or agency, or by local elected public officials (i.e. State Rep. Joe Kleefisch who lives in Oconomowoc) is appropriate, but one featuring governmental bodies in Madison, Milwaukee, or Pewaukee or their elected officials is not. A letter on water quality in Oconomowoc is appropriate; one on the same topic but referring to Milwaukee is not. If you are not sure if your letter is appropriate contact us in advance.


Op-ed pieces

Op-ed pieces typically use the first person and express an opinion or opinions and are longer than a letter to the editor. At our discretion, we may provide a critique of your piece prior to publication, but you are not required to accept the critique or make revisions. We won’t edit your content or cut it to fit, but we may refuse to publish anything deemed offensive, inappropriate, or not relevant to our community. Op-ed pieces must be signed and contain contact information so we can verify authorship. Authorship will be published but contact information is optional.

No limits on length

We won’t cut or edit down your submissions. Our platform, a website, provides unlimited space; newspapers have space limits. If your letter or op-ed piece is long, you risk boring your audience, thus negating your ability to communicate effectively. We will do a spell check and one for grammar and inform you of any concerns before publication. You can choose to accept or reject those recommendations.


Normally, we can publish your letter or op-ed piece the same day we receive it, although if there are concerns with content, spelling, or grammar, we may delay publication. Verification of your identity and authorship is also required prior to publication.