What file formats does OCON2DAY accept?

We accept ,jp, png., or PDF files. Don’t send .doc. or docs files. We also won’t use TIFF or any Microsoft file formats.

Do I need to reserve ad space in advance?

You should contact us before submitting your ad to ensure that we have space for it as we have limited locations available. You can get a sense for what is available by viewing sections of the website, particularly those sections where you want to place your ad.

Do I need to submit two ads to use the 2 for 1 offer?

Yes. We need separate ads, each at the desired size. In particular the teaser ad must fit one of our standard teaser ad sizes (learn more). The larger ad can’t exceed 1080 pixels in width. The height maximum is also 1200. Smaller size ads can be used if desired.

How do I pay for my ad?

We accept credit or debit card payments, excluding American Express. No personal or company checks, unless approved in advance and no purchase orders.

When do I pay for my ad?

We require payment in advance of the date that your ad first appears.

What if I don't feel I received value from my ad?

Our satisfaction guarantee allows you to ask for a full or partial refund. It is entirely up to you and we won’t hassle you about your decision. Please note, however, that if you did not receive value you may benefit from a careful analysis of the ad or ads and your messaging, design, and offers. Additionally, unless you include a coupon, discount code, or similar device–such as mention OCON2DAY when you order–it is often hard to quantify your results. Most advertisers recognize the value of name recognition that advertising creates as part of an overall marketing strategy that includes multiple approaches.

How do I submit my ad?

There are two primary channels. The quickest is to attach your ad to an e-mail. Click here to do that. You can also use Dropbox if you are comfortable doing so. The advantage of using Dropbox is it accepts large files; you e-mail service may not.