What is OCON2DAY?

It’s a hybrid, a combination of a community newspaper/website/blog. It has elements of all three. A defining characteristic is that it is online, meaning it is accessible to anyone with a web browser. It is also free and its content is easily shared, downloaded and printed. It also incorporates social media and is much more visually oriented than a traditional newspaper. Finally, it is a community-owned citizen journalism project operating as a nonprofit.

Is there a need for OCON2DAY?

That’s up for the community–for you–to decide. Given that Oconomowoc no longer has a locally published, managed, and staffed local newspaper, some would suggest that a void exists that needs to be filled. OCON2DAY is attempting to do that using a more economically feasible online business model produced by citizen journalists.

Note: Milwaukee-based Journal Communications publishes the Oconomowoc Focus out of Pewaukee. Its owners are its shareholders. The Oconomowoc Enterprise is published by the Conley Media Group, a private company. It is published out of Waukesha.

Who owns OCON2Day?

Technically, since OCON2DAY is not yet a legal nonprofit in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, publisher Malcolm McIntyre is the owner. Accordingly, OCON2Day is owned by Oconomowoc Today, LLC. We are, however, applying for nonprofit status. Unfortunately, the IRS is typically very slow in providing this recognition. Until that recognition is provided, OCON2DAY operates, as much as possible, as if it were a nonprofit organization. Any revenue is put back into its operation, not paid out to dividends.

Why is OCON2DAY operating as a nonprofit?

Information that is critical to the proper governance of a community should be free. For-profit businesses that package this information and then charge for it through subscriptions are doing a disservice to the community. While OCON2DAY functions as a business, the guiding philosophy is public service and the best model for doing this is that of a nonprofit organization.


What is citizen journalism?

Citizen journalism projects are popping up all over the country as more and more communities are losing traditional community newspapers, primarily to an out-dated business model that has created severe financial hardships for independent, often-family-owned and run small-town or community newspapers. In response, citizen journalists, working part-time or as volunteers, are filling the gap by publishing online newspapers as websites/blogs. OCON2DAY is part of that movement.


How can I support OCON2DAY?

Volunteer your knowledge, experience, and talent to our efforts  As a member of this community, you are an owner of OCON@DAY. Participate in whatever way you can. We welcome assistance, even if it is for a few hours a week, in all areas, including

  • Business operation
  • Business development and marketing
  • Editorial services
  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Videography

In addition, you can use OCON2AY to market your products and services as an advertiser, or you can make a donation (not currently tax-deductable). Click here to learn about advertising opportunities and here to make a donation.