OPINION: Former mayor Floss Whelan endorses Gross in his bid for District 4 aldermanic post

Former Oconomowoc Mayor Floss Whelan.File photo by Malcolm McIntyre

Former Oconomowoc Mayor Floss Whelan.

Former Oconomowoc Mayor Floss Whelan has endorsed District 4 aldermanic candidate John Gross. Gross recently topped a four-person race for a spot on the ballot of the special election being held on Tuesday, Nov. 10, to fill the seat vacated by former alderman and now mayor, Dave Nold. Gross is running against Kevin L. Ellis, who finished second in the election held Oct. 13. View article on the results.

I am supporting John Gross for 4th District Alderman. He was one of the best aldermen  I served with in my 16 years as Mayor of Oconomowoc.  John Gross came on the council during my last terms when he was a very young man eager to learn and willing to work hard for his constituents.  I watched him grow into a mature, sensible, thoughtful leader.  His experience is very much needed on today’s council.  We have had an unprecedented number of changes and appointments and special elections in the last few years.  Of the seven aldermen currently serving, four are in their very first term, two are in their second term, and only one, has any significant experience.  Some of the new aldermen are very good, but others, are “loose cannons” who seem to have no respect for the city staff, the citizen boards and commissions, or anyone who has come before them.   John Gross will bring a level-headed balance to the decision-making.

When I read the other candidate’s letter, I wondered what community he was talking about. Although he gave no specifics as to what his “positive changes” might be, he implied that Oconomowoc was uninviting to families and newcomers, and that seniors lacked places to relax and feel safe in.  What nonsense!  Oconomowoc was recently ranked as first in the state for job seekers and second in Wisconsin for “best city for families”. As an 82 year old senior citizen, I have never felt unsafe here.  A very active Senior Center has over 500 members, the largest organization in town. Shorehaven’s Enrichment Center offers an additional wealth of programs and activities. Life is good!

A leader needs to know his community in order to serve it. Vote for John Gross. He has a proven record of service.

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