Gross thanks voters for their support in the District 4 primary aldermanic election

1Z5A6142_3951Malcolm McIntyre | Oconomowoc Today

Former District 4 alderman John Gross, currently a member of the city’s plan commission, is one of two men seeking the District 4 seat on the council vacated by Dave Nold. Nold was appointed mayor by the council this summer.

John Gross, a former alderman, is one of two candidates seeking election on Nov. 10 for a seat on the common council representing District 4. Gross was the top vote getter in the Oct. 13 primary. Running against him is Kevin L. Ellis, who finished second. The seat became vacant when former District 4 alderman Dave Nold was appointed mayor by the council following the resignation of former Mayor Jim Daley. Daley accepted a position with the state that required he step down from his city position.  Here is a statement submitted to Oconomowoc Today by Gross.

I owe the 4th district electors a big debt of gratitude for giving me the most votes in the special primary election. I ask that they vote for me again November 10th in the general election and I promise I will try to my best to be worthy of their trust.

Many of the people in the 4th district know me well. Oconomowoc has been my home for years, my children have grown up here, and I have a two-year old grandson who has newly discovered the city’s many delights. I served the 4th district for 18 years, and when I chose not to run again because of other demands in my life, I continued to serve on the plan commission.

There’s this thing about local government that some newcomers don’t get. You don’t get to make general statements and empty promises because policies you did not adopt and what they cost directly affect the people you shop with, go to church with and live in the neighborhood with. Every two years they get to judge you and decide whether you’re doing what you are supposed to do. Nine times the people of 4th district decided I was worth their vote. I agreed to seek the office now because constituents encouraged me to do so. They believe that my experience will bring a perspective that is especially needed, because there has been so much turnover among the aldermen.

I am not a boat rocker and I don’t believe in change for change’s sake. I have lived long enough to understand that everything that lives and grows changes, including our City. I love Oconomowoc and believe I have helped bring about some of the positive changes that others can only make vague promises about. I have a proven record of serving the 4th District and your City. Your vote will help me continue.

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