Council votes to hold special election on Nov. 15 for vacant district 4 aldermanic post

Candidates seeking to replace Mayor Nold as a district 4 alderman can take out nomination papers starting Aug. 19


District 4 residents interested in succeeding Dave Nold as an alderman can take out nomination papers starting tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 19. If elected on Tuesday, Nov. 10, during a Special Election, to fill out Nold’s unexpired two-year term, ending April 2017, the new alderman would be sworn in at the Nov. 17 common council meeting.

Nold was appointed mayor by the council on July 21. He succeeds former Mayor Jim Daley, who resigned to take a position in state government that required that Daley relinquish his position as mayor. Nold was reelected to the District 4 aldermanic post this past April.

Nomination papers are available on the city’s website. While the papers are valid if there are 20 validated signatures (residents of District 4), City Clerk Diane Coenen suggests that candidates obtain at least 25 and perhaps as many as 30 signatures as a safeguard against signatures that her office may not accept. When asked what would invalidate a signature, Coenen said it is not uncommon for people to inadvertently sign nomination papers who do not live in the correct district or who are not registered voters.  

Nomination papers must be filed with Coenen’s office no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

If three of more potential candidates successfully file papers for Nold’s vacant position, the council, on Sept. 15, at its discretion, may call for a primary election on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Judging by the comments made at the council meeting tonight, there doesn’t appear to be much support for a primary, regardless of the number of candidates.


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