First-ever SUPFEST Lake Country for paddle boarders set for Saturday, Aug. 1, at City Beach

Two races highlight activities, demonstrations, and competitions for the growing sport of paddle boarding


Full SUP Fest Poster 10-35Oconomowoc area residents interested in learning about the growing sport of paddle boarding while at the same time raising funds for the sports programs at OHS and the intermediate schools will gather Saturday morning, Aug. 1, at City Beach for SUPFEST, the first-ever such event in Oconomowoc.

Included in the day’s activities include

  • 6-mile race, billed as the “Infamous Lac La Belle End 2 End”
  • Lakeside yoga
  • Learn to paddle session
  • 3-mile race
  • Stroke technique demonstrations
  • Demo of SUP gear

Events run from 8 a.m. to noon.

More information is available on Facebook at

One of the event organizers, Chad Vande Zande, said that the Oconomowoc Sports Booster Club, which raises funds to support the athletic programs and the intermediate and high schools, was looking for another event to help it raise funds and SUPFEST reaches out to a group of people the organization doesn’t typically reach with its appeals. Vande Zande is a OSBC director. Oconomowoc’s Cris Rosairo, another organizer is with Paddle Board, one of the largest online seller of boards in the United States.

Vande Zande said the competitions will attract paddlers from throughout the region, Vande Zande said the End 2 End race, which starts at City Beach and ends at the far western end of the lake, is a “true endurance race.”

While this is the first year such an event will be held in Oconomowoc, Vande Zande says he hopes that next year the event will be added to the SUP race circuit,  “which will give it a “huge boost in the amount and level of racers.” The long-time OSBC director adds, “We hope that this will go into a true festival with more events, bands, and vendors. We also hope that we’ll get more people interested in paddle boarding.”

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