Common Council may reverse itself and say no to Fowler Lake Village on Tuesday night

Preliminary design of Fowler Lake Village showing are oustide building that will be devoted to a new section of the walkway on the south end of Fowler Lake.

Preliminary design of Fowler Lake Village showing area outside building that will be devoted to a new section of the walkway on the south end of Fowler Lake. Retail shops would occupy first floor of the building on the left.

Votes on $18.8 million mixed-use condominium project could derail project championed by city officials

The Fowler Lake Village condominium project is set to get what is essentially an up-or-down vote Tuesday night at the Dec. 2 Common Council meeting.

No vote, however, that approves or disapproves the project itself, will take place, so the votes Tuesday constitute proxy votes. A vote is expected on the developers agreement, which the city is pointing out is “not a project approval, but the formalization of the commitments and obligations set forth in the approved MOU.”

Tuesday night’s agenda includes three items relating to the proposed $18.8 million mixed-use condominium project.

All are included under the new business section of the agenda, which means the vote and allied discussions won’t take place until med-meeting, unless the Council votes to reorder the agenda.

In addition, attendees at the meeting should expect another long parade of citizens speaking against or for the project. At past meetings, these statements and presentations during the public comment session that opens Council meetings have taken as long as 45 minutes. Given the importance of the vote Tuesday night, don’t be surprised if the parade consumes even more of the Council’s time.

The three FLV items on the agenda are:

“Consider/act on Resolution Incorporating Elements to be Addressed Relating to the Fowler Lake Village Project

Consider/act on Developer’s Agreement for Fowler Lake Village, LLC

Consider/act on Resolution Repealing Resolution 12-R2376 Authorizing Agreement Between the City of Oconomowoc Community Development Authority and Rockwell Development, LLC.”

While Council rejection of the first two items would not necessarily kill the project, it would force the FLV partners to rethink it. Faced with a lack of support from the Council, an option for the partners would be to walk away. In the past the partners and their representatives have made it clear they are not interested in building a similar project on land they currently own on Pleasant Street, primarily because they don’t feel that location will be attractive to potential buyers of the condo units.

If the aldermen approve the first two items, then a vote on the third item, proposed by District 2 alderman Matt Rosek, will take place. If the first two items are voted down, a vote on the third item may not be necessary as the first two no votes would serve the same purpose.

The first resolution is an attempt by the city to address issues that have arisen during the public comment sessions at Council meetings, and from aldermen. View the full resolution.

City officials, who have supported FLV from the beginning, and the Community Development Authority, which has a Memorandum of Agreement with FLV, champion FLV as a means to “enhance residential options available, improve the Fowler Lake walking route, and establish Downtown Oconomowoc as a destination.”


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