By 6-1 vote, Common Council says no to Fowler Lake Village developers agreement

Vote may kill $19.8 million mixed-use condominium project, halt proposed land swap between City and developer

In a vote that surprised no one, the Oconomowoc Common Council voted 6-1 Tuesday night to put a stop to the proposed $18.8 million mixed-use Fowler Lake Village condominium project.

Technically, the vote was to disapprove of the developers agreement between the City and Fowler Lake Village, LLC. , but it may have killed the project completely.

Only District 4 alderman Dave Nold voted to approve the agreement. Voted against it were Mike Miller (District 3), Matt Rosek (District 3), Charlie Shaw (District 4), Jay Larsen (District 1), Derek Zwalt (District 1) and Tom Strey (District 2). District 2 alderman Ken Herro, as does does regularly when there are votes on real estate issues, abstained.

Rosek and Zwalt, elected to the Council this past April, led the opposition to the FLV with strong support from Larsen. Nold never received any Council support for his pro-FLV stance, except from Mayor Jim Daley and former Mayor Floss Whelan, who chairs the Community Development Authority, a key player in the City’s initial support for FLV. The CDA had recommended to the Council back in 2012 that it support the condominium project and a previous version of the Council had approved a Memorandum of Agreement with the partnership between FLV.

Check back later for more on the vote.

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