Annual meeting voters give pay raise to OASD board members, president

After not seeing an increase in their compensation for 10 years, the elected members of Oconomowoc Area School District Board of Education received a pay raise Tuesday night after voters at the district’s sparsely attended annual meeting approved the move.

Each of the eight Board members receives $2,330 annually for their work. That level of pay was established in 2003. The new level is $4,000. Also approved was an increase to $4,500 for the Board’s president.

The vote to approve Tim Kay’s resolution seeking the increase was 12 in Only 14 people voted on the motion with 12 in favor, two abstaining and one against. Current Board member Dave Guckenberger voted against the increase and two members, Mike Bickler and Don Wiemer abstained from the vote.

Voting was done by a show of hands. Voting was open to any resident of the district attending the meeting, which attracted more than 14 people. Some in attendance may not live in the district and some may not have been aware they could vote.

Former School Board member Donna Scholl amended Kay’s original motion by adding a provision that indexes the compensation to that of the district’s teachers. If teachers receive an increase of a certain percentage in a given year, the Board members will receive the same increase.

Also speaking in favor of the motion was Susan Kay, like Scholl, a former Board member. Mike Griswold, who resigned from the Board this spring, was in attendance and he seconded both Kay’s and Scholl’s motions.

The increases kick in next school year, 2015-2016, so none of the Board members will see an increase in their checks for almost a year.

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