2011-2012 Oconomowoc High School Scholar-Athletes Honored on Monday

OHS scholar-athletes recognized for scholastic and athletic excellence

The Oconomowoc Area School District and the the Oconomowoc High School honored the 2011-2012 OHS scholar-athletes at a ceremony on Monday evening at the high school. To qualify as a scholar athlete, a junior/senior must have a cumulative 3.5 GPA and have completed a fall or winter sport or be out for a spring sport.  A freshman or sophomore who has participated at the varsity level and has a cumulative 3.5 GPA also qualifies as a scholar athlete.

Below is a listing of the scholar-athletes, the sports within which they participated, and their parents.

Pictured above are the senior scholar-athletes being honored for the fourth straight year. They are from left to right, Sarah Imperl, Carly Hall, Megan Sukovich, Clare McNamara, Taylor Damrow, Mandy Prom, Alex Adler, Natalie Kay, Taylor Mommaerts, Nicholas Finch, Greg Ballering, and Elise Gasper. Click on the photo to view larger version of it.

Freshmen–1st Year Winners

Hailey Anick, Soccer, Todd and Shelly Anick

Jaye Battenberg, Lacrosse, Philip and Margaret Battenberg

Annber Breimon, Poms, Michael and Christi Guenther

Daniela Cabrera, Swimming, Eduardo and Karla Cabrera

Jennifer Challoner, Poms, Stephen and Victoria Challoner

Stephanie Docter,Poms, John and Lisa Docter

Margaret Finco,Cheer and Sailing, Tom and Kate Finco

Emily Frieler, Poms,Mark and Barb Frieler

Carly Garcia, Golf, Robert and Lorraine Garcia

Thomas Groskopf, Ski Racing and Sailing, William and Debbie Groskopf

Nathan Haines, Wrestling,Jeffrey and Geriann Haines

Casey Harris, Sailing, David and Lynn Harris

Ashley Herbst, Poms,Crystal and Robert Vogel & Michael Herbst

Carolyn Keck,Sailing and Ski Racing, David and Julie Keck

Emily Kneiser, Ski Racing and Tennis, Rick and Patti Kneiser

Brooke Little, Softball,Todd and Christine Little

Robert Manders, Tennis, Mary and Robert Manders

Joseph Nettesheim,Wrestling, Christopher and Cheryl Nettesheim

Jane Nienhuis,Track, Daniel Nienhuis and Marie Appleby

Sarah Petelinsek, Swimming and Ski Racing, Alan and Lisa Petelinsek

Danielle Sowinski, Soccer, Nicole and Carl Isely & Scott and Wendy Sowinski

Ingrid Timm, Lacrosse, Karl and Traci Timm

Trevor Trepton, Sailing, David and Karen Trepton

Taylor Tuftee,  Swimming , Peter and Heidi Tuftee

Sienna Valley, Lacrosse, Tim and Coleen Valley


Sophomores–1st Year Winners

Chelsie Bence, Track, Don and Debbie Bence

Allison Dahlke, Golf, Jack and Karla Dahlke

Rachel Falk, Soccer, Joel and Erin Falk

Tori Guzanick, Cheer, Scot and Stacey Guzanick

Caitin Hartnett, Cross Country and Soccer, Timothy and Kathleen Hartnett

Mackenzie Lewis, Swimming, Mark and Cyndee Lewis

Nathan Meyer, Wrestling, Wayne and Janice Meyer

Tyler Minix, Soccer, John and Paula Minix

Terrell Schlundt, Basketball, Terrell and Jean Schlundt

Hannah Schneider, Cheer, Tomas and Debra Schneider

Dakota Thelen, Football and Track, Gregg and Suzanne Thelen


Sophomores – 2nd Year Winners

Audrey Adler, Tennis, Ski Racing, and Soccer, Gerard and Carol Adler

Brittany Derynda, Volleyball and Lacrosse, Michael and Tammy Derynda

Allen Dowe, Wrestling, Allen and Linda Dowe

Ashley Dunton, Poms, Keith and Kathryn Dunton

Riley Frieler, Cross Country and Track, Mark and Barb Frieler

Ashley Gavigan, Poms, Laura Gavigan and Doug Gavigan

Molly Harvat, Poms, Bill and Susan Harvat

Lindsay Holsen, Tennis, James and Teri Holsen

Madison Kaldhusdal, Swimming, Terry and Janet Kaldhusdal

Sara Koch, Lacrosse, Andrew and Sandra Koch

Canton Larson, Football and Basketball, Kurt and Kari Larson

Anna Maynard, Lacrosse, Robert and Ellen Maynard

Hailey Milakovich, Lacrosse, Nicole Milakovich

Megan Mohr, Cheer, Suzanne Mohr and Douglas Mohr

Zoe Quinette,  Basketball and Softball, Bernard and Julie Quinette

Megan Shanahan, Volleyball and Soccer, Thomas and Christine Shanahan

Paul Timm, Cross Country, Karl and Traci Timm

Madison Wilson, Lacrosse,Tom and Danielle Wilson


Juniors – 1st Year Winners

Jordan Aldrich, Track, Jamie and Jason Aldrich

Harley Batura, Football and Track, Robert and Victoria Batura

Jacob Blersch, Wrestling, Robert and Sandra Blersch

Lauren Dobron,T rack, Angela Hertel and John Dobron

Matthew Dorney, Cross Country and Track, Mark Dorney and Melody Zang

Lucas Filbert, Baseball, Greg and Kristi Filbert

Tyler Fogarty,Football, Shelly Fogarty and Bill Fogarty

Bradley Griswold, Football, Kevin and Christine Griswold

Andrew Guenther, Football and Track, Robert and Therese Guenther

Chloe Haines, Poms., Jeffrey and Geriann Haines

Austin Hallett, Basketball and Baseball, Fred and Debbie Hallett

Alexis Hosch, Volleyball and Lacrosse, Michael Hosch and Danielle Ireland

Madeline Houston, Cross Country and Track, Tom and Mary Houston

Simona Jovanovic, Track, Catherine and Matthew Loew

David Lambert, Golf, Scott and Beth Lambert

Patrycja Markiewicz, Lacrosse, Andrew and Anne-Marie LeTourneau-Holtz

Marshal Matteson, Football, Todd and Pamela Matteson

Sara Nicholson, Volleyball, Ski Racing and Softball, Brent and Marge Nicholson

Mitchell Pauers, Football, Basketball and Track, William and Amy Pauers

Jake Powell, Golf, James and Diane Powell

Maura Rich, Poms, Kurt and Kerry Rich

David Rochefort, Football, Darryl and Lisa Rochefort

Ryan Rutta,Football, Basketball and Track, Randal and Crystal Rutta

Christopher Schleicher, Football Gary and Cherri Schleicher

Elizabeth Schmitter, Lacrosse Paul and Ann Schmitter

Megan Leigh Smith, Cross Country, Thomas and Lisa Smith

Robert Snyder, Tennis, Margaret and Robert Snyder

Samuel Tesch, Tennis, Tod and Pam Tesch

Marcus Vielsted, Tennis, Jonathan and Lori Leverence

Rece Weisling, Hockey and Tennis, James and Kimberly Weisling

Justin Westhoff, Football and Track, Lawrence and Maria Westhoff

Hunter Williams,  Soccer and Baseball, Mary and Richard Williams

Kelsey Wiseman, Cheer, Danny and Lenae Day & Amy Wiseman

Jack Zoeller, Baseball, Bob and Dawn Zoeller


Juniors – 2nd Year Winners

Jeffrey Brandl, Sailing and Golf, Terrance and Tracey Brandl

Haley Buckingham, Lacrosse, Karin Van Voorhees

Madeline Fontaine, Cross Country and Track, Sara and Brandon Erickson & Brian Fontaine

Elizabeth Gall, Volleyball, Christopher and Lisa Gall

Torrin Hallett, Tennis, John and Heidi Hallett

Natalie Jaeger, Volleyball, Ronald and Jennifer Jaeger

Brianne McGuire, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball, Shaun and Joyce McGuire

Morgan McMahon, Basketball and Soccer, Chris and Madelin McMahon

Shawn Michels, Track, Susanne and Michael Michels

Michael Mohr, Football, Wrestling and Track, Suzanne Mohr and Douglas Mohr

Hailey Orsted, Soccer, Keith and Heidi Orsted

Zachary Poker, Football, Basketball and Track, Gene and Amy Poker

Olivia Radtke, Cross Country and Track, Jonathan and Cheryl Radtke

Jack Watermolen, Tennis, Todd and Terri Watermolen

Joseph Zack, Cross Country and Track, Gregory and Deborah Zack


Juniors – 3rd Year Winners

Abigail Broome, Swimming, Todd and Kim Broome

Noah Brown, Cross Country and Track, Richard and Susan Brown

Brandon Buchholtz, Cross Country and Track, Lee Buchholtz and Robin Buchholtz

Jillian Burnette, Soccer, Jay and Janet Burnette

Tyler Carrillo, Track, Richard and Julie Carrillo

Elizabeth Chadwick, Swimming, Robert and Brenda Chadwick

Ashley Cook, Poms, James and Tina Cook

Hannah German, Cheer and Track, Paul and Carla German

Katherine Gessert, Tennis, Glenn and Ann Gessert

Kelsi Krakauer, Ski Racing and Soccer, Andy and Robin Krakauer

Alexander Kunz,Cross Country and Track, Kevin and Rachel Kunz

Renate Meckl, Volleyball and Softball, Andreas and Cynthia Meckl

Delaney Osterday, Softball, Timothy and Kristin Osterday

Sydney Snyder, Golf, Basketball and Soccer, Jerry and Berrin Snyder

Melanie Watson,Track, Joel and Julia Watson

Peyton Williams, Soccer and Baseball, Mary and Richard Williams


Seniors – 1st Year Winners

Paige Burgess, Swimming, Brian and Donna Burgess

Tanner LeTourneau, Wrestling, Andrew and Anne-Marie LeTourneau-Holtz

Hannah Schwefel, Golf, Daniel and Lori Schwefel

Nicolas Stoquart, Cross Country and Track, Olivier and Colette Stoquart

Austin Tomaz, Football, Anthony and Janet Tomaz

Jacob Ullrich, Cross Country and Track, Robert and Lori Ullrich

Kyle Zemanovic, Soccer and Tennis, Jim and Cindi Zemanovic


Seniors – 2nd Year Winners

Isaac Ama, Tennis, Brad and Jean Ama

Jordan Antczak, Golf, Paul and Dawn Antczak

Logan Bakkum, Golf, Scott and Nancy Bakkum

Kaitlyn Ballman, Swimming and Softball, Dennis and Theresa Ballman

Elena Blair, Lacrosse, Barry and Kim Blair

Cara Brucker, Gymnastics, Jeffrey and Lisa Brucker

Jared Burant, Baseball, Charles and Kathleen Burant

Allison Corbe, Poms, Edward and Darla Corbe

Marshall Davy, Baseball , Albert and Sally Davy

Candace Fisher, Cross Country and Track, David and Deborah Fisher

Marykate Franklin, Soccer, Thomas and Terri Franklin

Camille Gonzalez, Cross Country and Track, Reinaldo and Gladys Gonzalez

Joseph Harvat, Tennis, Bill and Susan Harvat

Michael Heithoff,Track, Myron and Joan Heithoff

Kathryn Jaeger, Cross Country and Track, Gregory and Sally Jaeger

Emily Klitzing, Basketball and Softball, Kerrie Klitzing and Steven Klitzing

Zachary Mahlberg, Football and Basketball, Kevin and Maggie Mahlberg

Mikaela McGovern, Swimming and Soccer, Ed and Megan McGovern

Evan Mol, Tennis, Christopher and Debra Mol

Christina Otten, Sailing, Kathleen Otten and Charles Otten

Allison Parra, Golf, Rick and Laura Parra

Lucas Randall, Tennis, Jeffrey and Sue Randall

Brooke Satterfield, Volleyball, Jeffrey and Tina Satterfield

Rachael Schubarth, Volleyball, Ricky and Joan Schubarth

Benjamin Schulte, Football, Richard and Susan Schulte

Allison Sheldon, Poms, Michael and Susan Sheldon

Sterling Shepherd, Football, Wrestling and Baseball, Gerald and Kimberly Shepherd

Benjamin Sloggy, Football and Track, Mark and Barbara Sloggy

Cory Smid, Ski Racing and Tennis, John and Kelly Smid

Jennifer Stassi, Swimming and Track, Charles and Nicole Stassi

Logan Wehmeyer, Tennis, Todd and Gina Wehmeyer


Seniors – 3rd Year Winners

Michael Del Vecchio, Football, Hockey and Baseball, Peter and Robin Del Vecchio

Nathan Hills, Cross Country, Rick and Elaine Hills

Teresa Pakalski, Poms, Peter and Monica Pakalski

Davy Schick, Soccer and Tennis, Michael and Sandy Schick

Taylor Vande Zande, Basketball, Chad and Carrie Vande Zande


Seniors – 4th Year Winners

Alexander Adler, Soccer and Tennis, Gerard and Carol Adler

Gregory Ballering, Wrestling, Elizabeth Ballering and Greg Ballering

Taylor Damrow, Tennis and Track, Peter and Kiki Damrow

Nicholas Finch, Soccer, Mark Finch and Edwina Finch

Elise Gasper, Swimming and Track, Steve and Sherri Gasper

Carly Hall, Basketball and Track, Jeffrey and Nancy Blazek-Hall

Sara Imperl, Gymnastics, James and Judith Imperl

Natalie Kay. Poms and Track, Timothy and Susan Kay

Clare McNamara, Tennis and Lacrosse, Robert and Kathleen McNamara

Taylor Mommaerts, Soccer, Andrew and Lori Mommaerts

Mandy Prom, Cross Country, Basketball and Track, Wayne and Sherry Prom

Megan Sukovich, Poms, Mark and Michele Sukovich


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